Monday, March 16, 2015

Re-elect Benjamin Netanyahu!

Read Quin Hillyer's column at National Review: "Israelis Should Send Obama a Message of Defiance. He’ll be gone in 22 months. Netanyahu will ensure that Israel remains.
And "If there is one thing Israeli voters ought to both resent and revolt against, it is the idea that the proud Jewish nation is a mere vassal state of their American allies.
If there is something that should make them not just resentful but also red-raged furious, it is the idea of an American presidential administration deliberately trying to dictate the results of an Israeli election.
And if there is a single thing those voters can do to fight back against those two insults — and, far more important, to safeguard the independence and survivability of the nation of Israel — it is to reelect Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister."

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