Monday, March 09, 2015

The Clinton Saga Continues...

Whenever there's a Clinton scandal, you can trust Maureen Dowd to write about it, as she's done in her latest column, With the Clintons, Only the Shadow Knows. I like this  part:

"The Clintons don’t sparkle with honesty and openness. Between his lordly appetites and her queenly prerogatives, you always feel as if there’s something afoot.
Everything needs to be a secret, from the Rose Law Firm records that popped up in a White House closet two years after they were subpoenaed to the formulation of her health care plan.
Yet the Clintons always act as though it’s bad form when you bring up their rule-bending. They want us to compartmentalize, just as they do, to connect the dots that form a pretty picture and leave the other dots alone."

By now you almost feel that "Clinton" is a synonym for "shady".

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