Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"No Place For Jews"

Here's yet another report on antisemitism in Sweden. It makes you feel as if you're reading the news from the 30's and 40's when you see things like this:  "Visiting Sweden late last summer, this reporter witnessed the fear and discomfort Jews in Sweden now feel.  In discussions with Swedish Jews, I was told of avoidance to wear Jewish identifying symbols such as a kippah or a necklace with a Star of David.  Ralph, 29, a veteran of the Swedish army, put it plainly by stating, 'There is no place for Jews in Sweden.' He added that he was planning to move to the U.S.  Many young Jews have moved to Israel.
A synagogue in central Stockholm had its windows boarded to hide the fact that it was a Jewish place of worship.  There was no sign at the entrance to mark it as a synagogue.  This was not happening in a remote village but just a few miles from the seat of the Swedish government and its people’s parliament."

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