Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Firing Back

Right Wing News has a suggestion as to "How Israel Should Handle Violations Of The Ceasefire":
"Do you know what Israel should do -- and I'm dead serious about this -- Every time a missile flies into Israel, they should fire 5 back at important targets in the Palestinian territories -- power plants, government buildings, large businesses, etc, etc. Now, if they like, they could let the Palestinians know exactly what targets will be hit and pop off an air raid siren first, so that the people have 30 minutes to evacuate, which would minimize, but not eliminate casualties. But, the important thing would be that every time a missile goes towards Israel, 5 more should go back in the other direction. Within a few weeks, there won't be any more missiles flying towards Israel or the Palestinians will have to walk over piles of rubble to bury their dead. Either way, it would be a big improvement over the current situation, which features millions of savages, led by terrorists, waging a low intensity war against Israel with genocide as its ultimate goal. However, my guess is that if the Israelis ever get tired of fighting with both hands tied behind their backs and start blowing up enough Palestinian buildings and more importantly, killing enough Palestinians, suddenly the violence will stop and the peace in the Middle-East that people have wanted for so long will become possible. "

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