Sunday, June 29, 2008

"What Will They Do After Bush?"

Cassy Fiano asks a very good question: "What will they do after Bush?"
"There are so many lefties who are absolutely consumed with hatred of W. Once he's out of office and there's no one left to hate, what are they going to do with themselves? There'll be no more need for protesting the 'Bush regime'. There'll be no more reason to carry on with BDS. It'll be over. And I can't help but think that these lefties who hate W will be massively disappointed that their conspiracy theories weren't true. It seems to me like these people were enjoying their misery these past eight years thoroughly. It probably makes them feel so important to carry on with all of these protests, so sophisticated to deny America and align themselves with terrorists and their appeasers. They get attention for their stunts. And with Bush out of office, all of that will go away."

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