Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Spivs and Chiselers"

Andrew Bolt of the Australian Herald Sun offers this very perceptive analysis of Obama in comparison to Bush:
"GOOD thing for Barack Obama that he isn't George Bush. He'd have been slaughtered for starting so badly that he's picking a Cabinet of tax cheats. But a month since he was sworn in as President, Obama has lost not a fleck off his golden tongue. Nor has he stopped entrancing opinion makers as America's first African-American leader. So for those impressed more by words and racial symbols than performance, the most unqualified president since before even John F. Kennedy remains above the kind of vicious media criticism routinely heaped on Bush. But how loudly would the people who cheer Obama have screamed if Bush had, for instance, surrounded himself with this extraordinarily long list of spivs and chiselers?"

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