Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Why Work? Others Will Do It For You!

William Murchison says the problem isn't Obama, the problem is us -- that is,  people so used to getting something for nothing that they now expect it, at the expense of the rest of us.  Obama just encourages this way of thinking.  Murchison writes,  "After Obamacare — which is likely to survive in diminished or expanded form, once it hooks 10 or 20 or 30 millions of us on the joys of health care funded by other taxpayers — no one can tell where things will lead. Earlier retirement, bigger pensions, bigger schools, subsidized auto purchases, subsidized utilities — who can say? This makes it all the more important to restrain, to diminish, the reach and power of Obamacare…. Such is the story Ted Cruz and the whole host of celebrity conservative spokesmen should be telling now in level voices: Obama isn’t the problem; Obamacare isn’t the problem. These are passing afflictions. The problem is America’s growing acceptance of the delusory propositions that opportunity means someone else’s good luck; that passing the buck is the prelude to receiving bucks galore from other parties; that the government must surely love and care for you, because… well, don’t you watch the President’s speeches?" 
I am sick and tired of being punished for working and earning money! And I don't work so that others can benefit from it -- I work so I can benefit from it!

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