Thursday, February 06, 2014

Winning Under Attack

I have been perplexed to have seen headlines similar to this one this week: "Bad Boy of ‘Jeopardy,’ Arthur Chu, Refuses to Apologize — Should He?" Apologize?! Apologize for what -- for winning??

Another headline says  "'Jeopardy!' champion Arthur Chu: Villain or hero?"
stating "Instead of completing categories from top to bottom, Chu jumps around the board to find the Daily Doubles, sometimes bets odd amounts on them, and places final wagers to tie instead of win the game." So what? Since when is it a rule that you have to complete each category before going on to a different one?  And who cares how he does it -- he's the champ, isn't he?

I've seen more outrage about this than I have about the Air Force cheating scandal! Now, those military members are the villains.

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