Monday, July 28, 2014

Stormtroopers on the March

Yoni Leviatan writes, "This is not 1933. It’s not 1938, 1942 or any other year during the deathly Nazi rise to become Satan’s greatest warriors on earth. This is 2014, and Europe is infested with a new army of evil, a new virus of anti-Semitic vitriol that is spreading like wildfire, festering in an all too reminiscent sea of apathy that borders on willing complicity. No matter which year it is, a leopard can never change its spots, and this is a continent which is perfectly at peace watching a new wave of insanity claim the lives of every last Jew in the pogrom-stained land that we call Europe."

Toronto “Palestinian” demo to Jews: “Go back to Germany where they can kill you again”.

And look what's happening to the Christians of Iraq. "Does innocent human life matter in the Middle East if it is Christian? We ask because while Israel’s efforts to defend itself against terrorism from Hamas have provoked worldwide condemnation and demonstrations, the ethnic cleansing of a Christian community that has been in Iraq for more than 1,600 years continues with only a whimper of protest."

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