Thursday, June 23, 2016

Holding the House Hostage

What a disgraceful spectacle on TV, an anti-gun sit-in by noisy Democrats in the House chamber!  If Ryan and the Republicans cave in over this instead if displaying some courage and confronting these people, I will find it hard to ever trust the Republicans again, and I will certainly have even more contempt for the Dems.   By all means let's just keep giving comfort to terrorists and criminals who will continue to slaughter us, gun laws or no. 

It seems like 2 separate Americans and it seems to be a generational thing: the younger people blame guns, not the assassins, while the older folks think we should arm ourselves in order to defend and protect ourselves rather than willingly commit national suicide. Just as you can't talk to the rabid young Dems about guns, drugs, or Islam, they will happily lecture you on why your commonsense views are stupid and Islamophobic. No, we are not "bitter clingers" -- we just want to kill these savages before they kill us. Is this too much to ask?

Republicans: you had better fight back against this Democrat insurgency before it's too late.

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