Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Making Things Worse

Seen at Instapundit:  "The attackers in Orlando and San Bernardino accomplished something the attackers in Boston and New York didn’t: They drove a wedge between patriotic Americans, and managed to ensure that our grieving over the dead was polluted from the outset by a din of vicious political assaults. By any measure, they and their fellow travelers must consider this a great success. Perhaps terrorists who choose to carry out their massacres with guns are actually 'taking advantage' of American society in a rather different way than many liberals think."

Exactly! These last 2 attacks have led not to patriotism but to fighting, anti-gun propaganda, and general disgust. The only ones united by this are the terrorists themselves.

Also from Instapundit:  "THIS HEADLINE WAS JUST A MATTER OF TIME, ALAS: Reporter Blames North Carolina’s Transgender Bathroom Bill For Orlando Terrorist Attack." 

I give up.

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