Monday, June 13, 2016

Stop With the Lectures!

I always like Howie Carr's columns, and this one on the Orlando terrorist attack gets right to the point: 
"All the Hillary and Bernie voters — they get so worked up about transgendered bathrooms and income inequality and 'women’s reproductive health issues.' The liberals are so concerned about the 'over-militarization' of local PDs — who kills more Americans, SWAT teams or Muslim terrorists?
Moonbats, forget the candlelight vigils. Peel the Coexist bumper stickers off your Teslas. Get thee to a gun range. Get your permits, and your gats, and load up on ammo. You fools won’t have to keep faking all these hate crimes at fraternities and Whole Foods bakeries if your fellow Democrats from ISIS ever get the whip hand.
Yesterday op-ed pieces started popping up, lecturing us that 'we are all responsible.' No, 'we' are not. I didn’t do it, you didn’t do it. They did it — in Orlando, San Bernardino, Garland, Texas, LAX, the Beltway, Boston and everywhere else. The ISIS terrorist’s name was Omar Mateen. It was not 'U.S. citizen Omar Mateen.' Stop trying to sugarcoat the obvious. Theoretically, the hate crime might have been perpetrated by someone other than a Muslim, but since 9/11, has any shooter started his rampage shouting 'Praise Jesus!' or 'Shalom' or 'Buddha akbar.'"

We are sick and tired of how this administration downplays terrorism and accuses us of Islamophobia.  The only thing you can accuse me of at this point is Obamaphobia.

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