Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Disgraceful Anti-Trump Protest of the Day

Don't people have any decency or self-respect left?  This has simply got to stop.  If the incidents of the past week aren't enough to outrage and disgust you, this one certainly will.  The following is from Dennis Prager: "Many American Jews on the left, including rabbis and lay leaders, are embarrassing Jews and Judaism. I say this to ring an alarm in Jewish life and to tell non-Jewish America that these people represent leftism, not Judaism. Furthermore, I am talking only about leftist, not liberal, Jews. Unfortunately, however, both within and outside of Judaism, liberalism has become synonymous with leftism. This past week the embarrassing behavior of left-wing Jews reached a new level. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Jews and their clergy at various synagogues around America were gathering to 'sit shiva' — the Hebrew and Jewish term for the seven-day period of grieving that Jews engage in after the loss of an immediate relative — because Donald Trump was elected president. Consider for a moment how childish and narcissistic this is: using the sacred ritual reserved for the death of one’s child or parent as a way to express disappointment over a presidential election."

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