Thursday, November 17, 2016

Winners and Whiners

We've seen the whiners since the election of Donald Trump, and now it's time to see a winner: Tony Romo, who showed lots of class and good sportsmanship when talking about losing his quarterback job to rookie sensation Dak Prescott. The Today show website says that "Every kid who plays sports should watch Tony Romo's speech about losing his dream job."   "It is at moments like these 'you find out who you really are,' Romo said, 'In football, you are not handed everything, you earn everything and a great example is Dak. He has earned the right to be the right to be our quarterback - as hard as it is to say, he has earned that right.'"

And Romo has definitely earned the right to be called gracious in defeat. Those protesters could learn a lot from him.

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