Friday, November 11, 2016

Post-Election Analysis

Lots of great post-election analysis these days! Read Ruthie Blum's column,  A Vote Against Cultural Radicalism.  In it she writes, "But the citizens who live in the real world, full of financial and other struggles — such as worrying more about keeping their kids alive than about whether they will get into Harvard — know full well that the bill of goods being sold to them by the Left does nothing but prevent them from achieving what used to be called the 'American dream.' For them, liberalism has been a nightmare from every perspective.
They are angry that their patriotism, religion, ideas about men and women, common sense about good and evil – when it comes to bullies in the schoolyard and Islamist terrorists in their neighborhoods and abroad – are under perpetual assault by people whose condescension knows no bounds.
They are irritated that they cannot watch even innocuous comedies without being fed the message that their values are skewed.
They are furious that they have recourse when the source of their livelihood suddenly disappears as a result of pressure from environmentalists pointing to junk science as an excuse to hold the rights of plants and animals in higher esteem than those of human beings.
They are outraged at being berated for teaching their kids both to strive for excellence and victory, and to accept that life involves overcoming disappointment and failure.
And they are totally fed up with having to worry that every little thing they say or do is construed as offensive or racist.
Yes, things have gone too far in the United States, and the electorate decided to pull the pendulum back in the other direction."

That's for sure!

And don't miss Shmuely Boteach's column, as well as the many good columns at Israel Hayom.

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