Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Political Correctness & Appeasement Not Welcome Here

It makes me angry to be told to "stop jumping to conclusions" about Muslim extremists while liberals are permitted to jump to conclusions and blame the Republicans, the Tea Party, the NRA, and organized crime.
So this morning I was glad to hear Bill Bennett read parts of this column by Joe Fitzgerald of the Boston Herald:

"Did that shock you? Of course it did. But it should have infuriated you, too, because on a day that was becoming another charming slice of what this city is all about, savages, attacking anonymously as cowards always do, turned the festive finish line into an instant war zone, randomly killing and maiming and terrorizing unsuspecting marathon fans as they were enjoying a sun-splashed afternoon.
"Does the word 'savages' bother you? Then guess what? You’re part of the problem America’s facing today, because no matter how loud liberal dolts may squeal, or how indignant it makes the ACLU, the inescapable truth emerging from yesterday’s bloodbath is that evil is a reality, not a theological myth."

"Some shrink will try to explain how their neurosis mitigates their culpability, while some whore with a law degree will scheme to free them on a technicality. The anguish of the victims? It’ll be forgotten. All that will matter will be the showering of rights upon the perpetrators. Welcome to Massachusetts. If nothing changes, nothing changes.
It’s not complicated. Evil need not be understood. It simply needs to be eliminated, by any means necessary. That’s the only way to honor those lives that were savaged yesterday, and the only way we will begin to rebuild the America we once knew."

We've heard and read all this before -- and yet we are told to stop using our common sense. These terrorists attacks are infuriating enough, but the
continued stifling of normal reactions enrages me.

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