Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The 9/11 Flag

On September 4, CNN will broadcast a documentary titled  "The Flag" on Wednesday, September 4, at 9 pm and 10:30, with encore performances on September 8 and September 11.  "A vibrant American flag, flying from the back of a boat moored very near the Twin Towers, managed to survive the destruction of the World Trade Center 12 years ago.  Someone removed the flag from the boat on September 11th.  Thomas Franklin, a photographer for the New Jersey newspaper The Record, took a searing photograph of that flag as it was raised by three fire fighters above the smoldering rubble on the evening of the terrorist attacks.  That image immediately became one of the archetypical photographs of the disaster.  Shortly after the iconic photo was taken, the whereabouts of the original flag became a mystery.  Who would keep it – and why?"

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