Friday, September 27, 2013

Arsonists, Extremists & Anarchists -- Oh My!

No, that's not a description of Al Qaeda -- it's Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi describing Republicans opposed to Obamacare,  Just wait, because the Obamacare propaganda and name-calling have only gotten started. At Doug Ross @ Journal, you can read Neil Cavuto's commentary ripping into both Obamacare and Obama's ongoing attack on Fox News. An excerpt:

"Fox News didn't say you can cover 30 million more Americans and not see a hit in premiums.
You did.
Fox News didn't say you could throw in those with pre-existing conditions and not have to pay for it.
You did.
Fox News didn't all but say you could get something for nothing.
You did.
Fox News didn't come back years later and say, oh yea, we did raise some taxes.
You did."

We didn't vote for him or for this -- YOU did!

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