Monday, September 02, 2013

"Barack Obama’s Staggering Incompetence."

That's a perfect description of Obama's Syrian policy (and his entire presidency) by Peter Wehner of Commentary magazine:  In the column he writes, "The president of the United States is preparing in advance to shift the blame if his strike on Syria proves to be unpopular and ineffective. He’s furious about the box he’s placed himself in, he hates the ridicule he’s (rightly) incurring, but he doesn’t see any way out. What he does see is a political (and geopolitical) disaster in the making. And so what is emerging is what comes most naturally to Mr. Obama: Blame shifting and blame sharing. Remember: the president doesn’t believe he needs congressional authorization to act. He’s ignored it before. He wants it now. For reasons of political survival. To put it another way: He wants the fingerprints of others on the failure in Syria. Rarely has an American president joined so much cynicism with so much ineptitude."

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