Thursday, September 12, 2013

Simon Says

Read the amusing column by Roger L. Simon about Putin's New York Times op-ed piece.  Obama has brought all this on himself, has made America look weak and stupid, and has created a new Cold War.  In his column, Simon says: "The Times should open up more space to President Putin. Perhaps he should be featured in the sports and travel sections. He is known to be a great hunter and fisherman. As recently as this year he apparently caught the biggest pike on record. Who knows? He may out swim Mao yet, or even Diana Nyad. So he is just the man for the New York Times — an international liar who has just made a complete fool of the president of the United States and shamed our country in the process while putting into question the entire future of the Middle East. For his next column, perhaps he can finally tell us what happened in Benghazi. Sadly, there’s a better chance he’ll do it than our own administration."

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