Saturday, August 16, 2014

Barack Lindbergh

"Obama's Ambush of Israel" is the title of a good column by Izzy Lemberg.
He writes, "Despite harsh criticism of Israel, this summer’s war between Hamas and Israel, should make clear to the world that the war against terrorism is one worth fighting. Anti-Semitic protests and attacks in Europe and the horrifying acts of ISIS only underscore this point.
Right now, there are many on the march: Iran, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Russia/Putin and North Korea. Any of these players can inflame the region into a war. The relationship between Israel and the US is at an all time low.
It took the attack on Pearl Harbor before the US was willing to take on the Axis in WWII. What will it take for a community organizer and bafflingly unqualified Nobel Peace Prize winner with an ideological disconnect from history to react? It is Obama who should worry about being on the wrong side of history.
And you should worry too."

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