Friday, August 29, 2014

Say It Ain't So, Joe - You Schmo!

No wonder other countries take advantage of the United States and no longer fear and respect us. As long as you have an appeasement, sympathizer President like Obama, and a press willing to protect him, you have incidents like this laughable one:   Scarborough Defends 'No Strategy' Obama: 'Straight Out of The Art of War.

"Alexander the Great.  Stonewall Jackson. George S. Patton. To this list of some of history's greatest military strategists, a new name must be added: that of Barack Obama.  That is, if you agree with Joe Scarborough's take on President Obama's statement at yesterday's press conference that "we don't have a strategy yet" regarding possible attacks on ISIS in Syria.

According to Scarborough, speaking on today's Morning Joe, President Obama's 'no strategy' statement was 'straight out of The Art of War where when you were weak, you make your enemies think you were strong. When you were strong, you make your enemies think you were weak.' It's what Scarborough would have done, he told viewers, if he were president. When Sam Stein said that he couldn't tell if Joe was joking, Scarborough assured him: 'I'm serious. Dead serious . . . I am dead serious.  I am not joking.'"

That's right, Joe, keep trying to convince yourself.

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