Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Political Correctness: Nothing to Sneeze At

Is everyone going crazy? This is the second instance in a week of teachers banning students from saying "bless you" in response to a sneeze. You may as well ban people from saying "please" and "thank you". It's a courtesy, it's a nicety, it's one of the few parts of civilized behavior we have left in this increasingly idiotic society. What next, firing workers who say "bless you"? If so, you'll have to fire us all.

Wanting to build your business and better yourself is also frowned upon these days. A senator wants to boycott Burger King for their deal with Tim Hortons. I would do the opposite and eat more Whoppers to thank BK for their unapologetic capitalism. It's pretty bad when, under Obama, businesses are punished instead of praised.

But here's the most outrageous example of what political correctness has done: "COEXIST: Multiculturalism and political correctness behind sexual abuse of 1,400 girls."  Oh well! Better have children raped and planes flown into buildings than dare call Muslims evil.

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