Monday, August 25, 2014

Jews and News

Maybe if more non-Jews were attacked for reasons like this, everyone would take antisemitism seriously:  "Woman aggressed in Brussels because of her Jewish-sounding name."

Read about who's filling the vacuum left by the United States: Egypt and UAE New Anti-Islamist Police in Middle East.

Here are 8 Alternatives to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges, including this one:  "The Sainsbury’s Gefilte Fish Challenge. In case you haven’t heard, London grocery chain Sainsbury’s stripped its shelves of kosher food over fears that anti-Israel protesters will annoy them with their rhythmic rhyming chanting. Way to stand up for freedom Sainsbury’s – I am sure Sir Winston is shepping naches right now. So here’s our challenge: go to Sainsbury’s, take an entire bottle of gefilte fish, and eat every last morsel in protest until they return the kosher food. OK and if you want, you can dump the jar of gefilte fish jelly on your head."

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