Thursday, January 22, 2015

Appeaser and Liar

Imagine this:  "The White House deliberately leaked a report that the Mossad opposes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Iran policy, Israeli officials claimed on Thursday.
The leaked report stated that the Mossad prefers a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear issue, and believes the new sanctions supported by both Netanyahu and the incoming Congress will endanger such an agreement.
According to the Jerusalem Post, the leak was the 'Obama administration’s revenge' on the new Republican Congress for inviting Netanyahu to address the legislative body. The administration sees the invitation as a slap in the face, given that Obama's antipathy toward Netanyahu is very well known."

He has conveniently overlooked the fact that Iran is the enemy, not Israel, but apparently in Obama's world, protecting yourself from Muslim terror is politically incorrect.

I can't wait for Netanyahu's visit and his speech opposing the lifting of sanctions against Iran. Obama sounds like he works for Iran and the Arabs in his zeal for negotiating with the Iranians and his refusal to condemn Islamic terrorism.  Since Obama is unwilling or unable to act in America's best interests, it sounds like Netanyahu will be the statesman.

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