Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Obliterate Them!

Well, here we go again: the same barbaric Muslim terrorism attacks against the West; the same refusal to call terrorism "terrorism" or the killers "Muslims"; the talk of anti-Muslim backlash. Meanwhile, 12 journalists are dead, their families destroyed, and the killers are on the run.

A few days ago, Angela Merkel pleaded with Germans not to attend  anti-Muslim rallies.  I wonder how she feels today. This morning the White House referred to the murders in Paris as "an act of violence", just as the beheading in Oklahoma was "workplace violence". Blacks are still protesting in the streets, but against cops, not against terrorists. I don't think people found it hard to condemn the Nazis, so why is it so difficult for people today to use words like "Muslim", "Islamic", and "terrorism"? The more this war of words goes on, the more spineless we look, and the more slaughter there will be by animals who are not afraid of martyrdom.

Remember this from 2010? From The People's Cube, Everybody Draw a Positive Mohammed Day. One of those drawings is above -- and John Kerry wasn't the artist!

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