Saturday, January 31, 2015

Defining Terrorism

How strange that the Obama administration can't bring themselves to use the word "terrorist", but Egypt can.  Egypt has officially banned Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliate that operates in the Gaza Strip, and named it a terrorist organization.

Compare that with this: "The White House said that Taliban is an 'armed insurgency' and not a terrorist group, a handy semantic tactic to allow President Barack Obama to declare he was won the war on terror."  And Andrew McCarthy says, "No doubt because of my background investigating, prosecuting, and studying terrorism, the cynical claim by White House spokesmen that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization has annoyed me even more than the Obama administration’s nonstop lying usually does."

And while this spineless quibbling over words continues by our formerly powerful country, ISIS has beheaded the second Japanese hostage.

Pretty disgraceful, isn't it?

(Perfect cartoon by Michael Ramirez as seen at, and as praised by, Doug Ross @ Journal)

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