Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Israel and the Road Map of Life

This article discusses how Israel is being airbrushed off maps in order to ignore her very existence.  A commenter named Mister Rible offers a good retort:
"Doesn't matter how hard Israel haters try to deny Israel's existence.
What sticks in their throats, is that ISRAEL DOES EXIST!

It exist despite all odds.
It exists despite thousands of attacks, from the first day of its' creation.
It exists despite the boycotts.
It exists despite the missiles, rockets, suicide bombers, snipers, rabid left wing anti-Semites, BDS, etc.
Not only does Israel exist, it does better than all of it's neighbours combined, without a drop of oil, while being the smallest and most vulnerable country in the region.

Palestine does not.

Get used to it, or choke on it."

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