Saturday, June 10, 2006


One of my favorite words tp describe obnoxious, self-absorbed people is "oblivions", invented by Mike Straka of Fox News. But to me, a better word would be "obliviots", a cross between oblivious and idiots.

At the library this week, where large signs proclaim what shouldn't need to be said (namely, "Take your cell phones outside"; I prefer the good old-fashioned SHHHH!), the librarian tapped the shoulder of a cell phone babbler and told her to go outside. The babbler didn't move. Again the librarian spoke to her;again, she was too busy talking to stop. I have less patience as a patron, so I said, "Do you
MIND!? This is a library!" It made me feel better but still didn't work -- the librarian practically had to physically move her toward the door.

Here is Mike Straka's list of other things that make you an oblivion or an obliviot -- or just an inconsiderate oaf.


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