Friday, June 23, 2006


The New York Times reporters should be arrested for treason and made an example of. I'm sure there must be laws against revealing information that only helps the terrorists. Their excuse is that releasing the story about how we track terrorists through bank transactions is "in the public interest". I say it's only in the terrorists' interest! Now that they know how we track them, they will use other methods. Why is the Times making it easier for terrorists to kill us?

Also, 7 Black Muslims were arrested for planning to wage war against America and planning to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago. A worker in the Sears Tower shrugged it off and said "I have to make a living". The lack of outrage on this story is probably due to the scourge of political correctness. The plotters are black AND Muslim, so that's doubly politically correct! I predict that ACLU lawyers will represent them in court.

Michelle Malkin ( once again hits the nail on the head, this time by showing the posters from World War 2: "Loose lips sink ships", and "The enemy is listening". The enemy is still listening --- and reading.

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