Monday, September 01, 2014


This column about Jihad in Europe and the response by foreign leaders is by Guy Millière, courtesy of Doug Ross @ Journal:

"They cannot ignore the growing weight of Muslim votes in many parts of Europe.

They can break up some networks, thwart some attacks, symbolically strip some jihadists of their citizenship.

They know they are largely hostage to a situation they no longer control.

Their attitude is dictated by the fear of being confronted with more serious problems than murders: some European counter-terrorism services say that a Mumbai-style armed attack in Europe is possible, even probable."

Doug Ross comments, "The attitude of governments can be defined by a word often used to describe the attitude of Daladier and Chamberlain in 1938: appeasement. And appeasement will work just as well as it did prior to 1 September 1939, which is to say not at all.

Europe will be faced with a stark choice that it is likely to confront only after the growing piles of dead bodies outweigh political correctness on the scale of public opinion."

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