Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Inviting Terror

Read, post, and share Caroline Glick's latest column: "The United States has a problem with Islamic State. Its problem is that it refuses to acknowledge why Islamic State is a problem...Even if the US were to secure its southern border, it would still be unable to prevent these jihadists from returning to attack. The policy of the US government is to deny the existence of a jihadist threat by, among other thing, denying the existence of the ideology of Islamic jihad. When President Barack Obama insisted last Wednesday that Islamic State is not Islamic, he told all the Westerners who are now proud mujihadin that they shouldn't worry about coming home. They won't be screened. As far as the US is concerned their Islamic jihad ideology doesn't exist." He might as well send invitations to Al Qaeda, ISIS, and all the other terrorists saying "Come on in"!

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