Saturday, September 20, 2014

Climate Change Exaggerators

It just amazes me to see stories like this one by Naomi Klein:  "Climate change is a global emergency. Stop waiting for politicians to sound the alarm. The truth about our planet is horrifying, but the true leaders aren’t the ones at the UN – they’re in the streets. This is why the People’s Climate March matters At exactly 1pm on Sunday, the streets of New York City are going to fill with the sound of clanging pots, marching bands, church bells and whatever other kinds of noisemakers that participants of the People’s Climate March decide to bring along. It’s being called the 'climate alarm', and the general idea is that a whole lot of people are going to make the very loud point that climate change is a true emergency for humanity, the kind of threat that should cause us to stop what we are doing and get out of harm’s way."

Do people actually think this way and put the climate change hoax at the top of their list of worries? The real "true emergency for humanity" includes things like terrorism, the spread of diseases, the lack of jobs, and dependence on government, but I never see people marching in the streets about these things.

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