Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good News From The Obama White House!

Aaron Goldstein reports:  "From the Department of It's About Goddamn Time, Eric Holder is expected to announce his resignation as Attorney General later today. It's hard to say what was more egregious? His conduct during Fast & Furious? Calling Americans 'a nation of cowards' where it concerned race relations? His probe on FNC's James Rosen? Quashing the conviction of the Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia? Challenging the Arizona immigration law in court despite having only 'glanced' at it? His demagoguery on voter ID? Wanting to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in NYC? That any criticism of him and President Obama is racially motivated? Take your pick." Good riddance to this divisive man.

Here's a good question, but we may never know the answer: "He has made the Department of Obstructing Justice notorious. Federal judges are stepping in to end his stone walling of Congressional and other investigations on several fronts, and now he’s on the run. Why now? What is about to blow up?"

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