Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tonight's Performance

I won't be watching or listening Obama's speech tonight, but I may follow along with some liveblogs at The Corner or Hot Air or at VodkaPundit.  How can you trust a man who believed that the Fort Hood terrorist killings constituted "workplace violence"; who thinks terrorism is actually a "man-caused disaster"; who has apologized to Muslims and lied that a video led to the murders of our four men in Benghazi; who talked about red lines and deadlines in Syria and then did nothing; and who apologized for America's former strength and power? How can you trust a man who, after six years of appeasement, and with 2 months to go before the elections; and 2 weeks after not having any strategy against ISIS, would suddenly agree to fight against ISIS?

In a related note, here's the PC version of FDR's speech that Jeffrey Lord imagines Obama would have made after Pearl Harbor.

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